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Mark Cera is a highly experienced physical performance professional, who has worked in strength and conditioning and rehabilitation with elite athletes in China, four AFL teams and an NBL team.


He has coached numerous triathletes and has been an educator in health and fitness for many years. He has decades of experience!

In short, he is someone you can trust.

He has designed a tailored exercise program for those over forty years of age. Mark assesses movement restrictions and weaknesses specifically related to older populations, and then applies cutting edge functional training to improve how well you move.


This training is designed to give you the body which will serve you well into old age and he will take into account any areas where pain restricts movement.

This training can be conducted one on one or in small groups of two to four, but if you have pain restrictions, safer outcomes can be ensured in a one on one program.

Qualifications and Certifications
  • Bachelor of Applied Science

  • CIII and CIV of Fitness

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach 

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