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Starter Pack

This is a 3 x 45 minute session pack to allow you to get a feel for the kind of training you will complete with Functional Fitness for Over 40's.


This will include a movement assessment and review, which gives us valuable information about the kind of training you need to do.The training load will be quite easy for most people.



All participants must complete a pre-exercise screening tool. 

New You Pack


Option 1:
This is a 10 x 45 minute training package. The first session includes finalizing your goals which gives us some clear agreed upon targets to aim for.

Option 2:

For those who enjoy training a little longer we have a 10 x 60 minute training package. You may progress from the starter pack to either option here. Goal setting is important in both options.

Perform Better 


This package is for individuals who are looking to perform better for their sport.

This is an individually negotiated training package.


Your movement assessment and goal setting session is included in this package.

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